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The Angie’s List affiliate program can help provide your readers with insight into the world of professionals in various service industries in and around their city. They have become an invaluable resource for people seeking word-of-mouth wisdom and recommendations for plumbers, babysitters, lawn care specialists, and more.

This program is ideally marketed to consumers who would rather not waste the time and money that could be lost by inviting a less-than-reputable repairman or social worker into their home.

Angie’s List Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Community Resource – Earn commissions on membership sales and annual gifts sold through
Convincing Imagery – Colorful banners advocating the positive aspects of their service
Unbiased Insight – Trusted service reviews from actual users, not companies themselves

How Do You Benefit From This Program?
Angie’s List can help your online audience by essentially serving as the friendly, resourceful, knowledgeable neighbor they wish they knew. The company offers peace of mind for a premium, saving consumers hundreds if not thousands of dollars or more to repair the damage that a bad service call can create in their home. This affiliate program make it easy for new transplants to a city to receive the same high level of service usually reserved for those in the know.

Getting on the List
Before being posted, the certified data provided to consumers via Angie’s List is reviewed to ensure it is free of paid opinions from companies or poisonous words from the competition. Their praises of this process have been sung in the New York Times, Good Morning America, and other major media outlets, further building the sense of trust they’re known for.

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