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The ANRRI Blue Light Glasses affiliate program connects your site visitors to anrri.com, an online merchant for blue light blocking eyeglasses. Anrri works extensively to create effective and innovative eyeglasses that help protect the eyes of customers who are constantly exposed to blue-violet light emitted from digital screens.

This program could be marketed to all individuals who spend long periods of time before a computer or digital device and suffer from digital eyestrain.

ANRRI Blue Light Glasses Program Benefits:
Commissionable Eyeglasses – Earn commission per sale at anrri.com
Never miss the News – Anrri’s newsletter allows customers stay up to date with the latest product inventory and company news
Free Shipping, Returns and Exchanges – Anrri offers free shipping, returns and exchanges as part of its commitment to customer satisfaction

How Can You Benefit From This?
Today’s digital devices encourage individuals to spend more time looking at screens. The constant exposure to blue-violet lights from computers and cellphone devices are capable of causing serious damage to your patrons’ vision. Therefore, Anrri offers an easy and inexpensive way to prevent eye concerns associated with too much screen time. Through the ANRRI Blue Light Glasses affiliate program, your site visitors will be able to obtain premium and stylish computer glasses that effectively reduce the impact of blue light overexposure. Anrri offers a curated selection of eyeglasses made from lightweight materials to ensure comfort and designed with trendy models to suit everyone’s style. Anrri is committed to offer consumers durable, premium products that can successfully prevent them from suffering digital eyestrain, eye dryness, glare sensibility, and other vision problems. Customers can choose from prescription, non-prescription, and reading lenses, depending on their individual needs at an affordable rate.

Get Educated
If your web traffic wants to expand their knowledge on the effects of blue-light overexposure, then they needn’t look any further than the ANRRI Blue Light Glasses affiliate program. At anrri.com, customers can get access to Anrri’s complimentary educational blog and learn about the consequences of constant exposure to blue-violet light and the benefits of having the right pair of glasses to protect their eyes.

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