Affiliate Program

The affiliate program guides shoppers to the aforementioned, where they can purchase high quality refurbished IT equipment at affordable prices. This outlet helps to optimize the value of individual laptops and desktops by extending their life after strict testing and repair conditions are met.

This program can effectively be marketed to budget-conscious customers who want a reliable computer at a reasonable value. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Monitors – Commissions are earned on sales made at
Engaging Creative – Banners highlighting popular inventory offerings
Power Up! – Free Microsoft Windows 10 upgrades available

How Can This Benefit You?
College students, small businesses, and any other consumers who are shopping around for electronic devices that can get the job done will want to browse There, they’ll find notebooks, tablets, and huge monitors for an almost unbelievable fraction of their original MSRP. Your patrons needn’t worry about purchasing a refurbished piece of tech from, as they offer a 30-Day No Hassle Return policy and a 90-Day Functional Warranty.

Holiday Savings Galore
If your audience members are having trouble fulfilling their winter shopping wish lists, then the affiliate program has multiple solutions. With products from all of the industry’s top manufacturers available in impeccable condition, recipients will be none the wiser.

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