The affiliate program grants your page visitors access to the wondrous world of high-quality glass beads sold through With both bold patterns and nuanced, subtle shades available in their inventory, they give customers plenty to be(ad) happy about.

This program is ideally offered to shoppers enamored with the expert craftsmanship and timeless elegance of glass beads. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Decorative Commissions – Earn commissions on sales made via
Vibrant Marketing Material – Highlighting beautiful examples of beads sold
BEES?! – Great source of supplies for those who want to start their own handmade bead jewelry business

How Can You Benefit From This?
Tiny tokens with artistic taste, beads are often at the base of enchanting works or used as eye-catching embellishments. The affiliate program sells Vintage, Czech, and Japanese glass beads in shades that coordinate with the changing seasons. The company doesn’t boast carrying the most beads in their storefront, just the best ones they really like.

Collectible Colors
Like marbles or bottle caps, collecting beads is a lifelong obsession for some that continues to grow over the years. The distinct shades and shapes they stock make many of the beads incredible coups for collectors.

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