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Betty’s Attic Affiliate Program

The Betty’s Attic affiliate program guides your audience’s eyes to the nostalgic world of, which sells collectibles and keepsakes from long-gone eras. Everything from apparel to décor and CDs filled with hours of familiar soundtracks can be sourced through this virtual storefront.

This program can be marketed to collectors of kitschy knick-knacks or those wishing to reminisce about fun times from decades ago spent with family and friends.

Betty’s Attic Affiliate Program Benefits:
Memorable Commissions – Commissions are earned when customers complete an online purchase within the shopping cart at
Engaging Banner Creative – Featuring classic entertainment icons people know and love
Go Figure – Themed figurines depicting classic cinema and animation available

How Can You Benefit From This?
People often keep a few collectibles around their home or office to remind themselves of happier times with the people they love. Through the Betty’s Attic affiliate program, those wanting to scratch their nostalgic itch can fill their shelves with dolls, die cast cars, military replicas, and other goods. Their inventory contains countless exceptional options for holiday or anniversary gifts that fans can cherish forever.

Hipster Haven
Even if your audience consists of consumers born decades after most of the franchises whose products are sold through the Betty’s Attic affiliate program, there are quite a few folks who enjoy ironically living in the past. Hipster cliques will have a field day with the finds on this site.

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