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The BFR Bands affiliate program connects your site visitors to, an online merchant for resistance bands that allows novice and experienced gym-goers to train with symmetry and precision. BFR Bands are made of extra strong, safe, and comfortable materials meant to help amplify the effects of any strength training session.

This program could be marketed to all fitness enthusiasts looking to elevate their training sessions and increase their muscle growth.

BFR Bands Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Training Bands – Earn commission per sale at
Worldwide Shipping – Fitness gurus from around the globe can obtain their own BFR bands and other training products thanks to BFR Bands international shipping options
Newsletter Subscription – Loyal BFR Bands customers can stay informed of new promotions, new products, and exclusive sales when they sign up for BFR Bands’ newsletter

How Can You Benefit From This?
Whether your patrons are beginners or knowledgeable weightlifters, incorporating resistance bands into their workouts can go a long way towards increasing their neuromuscular performance and strength. Through the BFR Bands affiliate program, your readers can purchase affordable, comfortable training bands that will help stimulate their muscles. BFR Bands is a health and fitness company that integrates cutting-edge neuroscience into its products. BFR Bands’ products have been successfully used in research, proving to enhance aerobic capacity, endurance, and muscular size at low training volumes and intensities. These blood flow restricting (BFR) bands reduce oxygen supply to the muscles to pre-fatigue slow-twitch muscle fibers. This process diminishes the slow-twitch muscle fibers response to workout loads, while enabling fast twitch muscle fibers to respond quickly to exercise training loads. The use of BFR Bands has been proven to yield faster, lean muscle growth. These bands are easy to strap up, comfortable on the working limb, and quick to release when the exercise is completed. When browsing at, customers will find upper body and lower body bands and other exercise accessories that will effectively complete any training session they endeavor.

BFR Blog
BFR Bands is committed to providing customers with accurate information about their products and their benefits. In order to keep wellness seekers up to date with the latest fitness trends, BFR Brands grants customers access to its blog, free of charge. The BFR blog offers your audience members relevant wellness tips, workout strategies, and other health-related posts that will motivate them to either start or continue their fitness journey.

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