The affiliate program grants your audience access to, one of the leading online storefronts offering collectible knives, swords, and non-lethal self-defense products. They also stock camping gear and military surplus items for outdoor ventures or fending off an onslaught of oncoming zombies… just in case.

This affiliate program is ideally marketed to adrenaline-fueled survivalists or collectors of high quality crafted weaponry searching for a great talking piece for their home or office. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Katanas – Earn commissions with online purchases from or
Intimidating Banner Creative – Highlighting popular survival items and replica weapons
Fire Starter – Waterproof survival matches, first aid kits, meal rations, and other emergency items

How Can This Benefit You?
Your site visitors have never seen knives quite like the sharp selection sold through the affiliate program. Their inventory includes everything from durable full tang knives to tactical ghillie suits and remote control vehicles for outdoor fun. For collectors, sell multiple lines of authentically replicated fantasy weaponry that resemble pristine props right out of major motion pictures.

Spy vs. Spy
Those that take their weekend survival games with friends a bit more seriously will love the tactical reconnaissance gear on sale at Nighttime paintball or hunting sessions will never be the same after scouting your prey with a pair of compact night vision goggles.

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*Please note we are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system, but similar programs in this category can still be found at

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