Bug Fix – Advertiser Applications Status
We’ve improved the Search Advertisers page to show users the current status of their applications as soon as they apply for an advertiser. Some Publishers were experiencing an issue seeing an accurate status of their advertiser(s) applications, which delayed them from continuously trying to apply for more advertisers. Please be sure to apply for all the advertisers of your interest!

Product Data Feeds – Comparison Widget Page Update
The Comparison Widget page has been updated to include countries and country flags! https://publisherpro.flexoffers.com/Product/ComparisonWidgets
This page allows publishers to search through hundreds of products per their approved advertiser for their domain. Now, when you enter the UPC or EAN within the Product Search section, you can also select the country of which you would like to compare the product. We’ve also added icons of the country flags to easily identify the country of the product. Please be sure to visit our support documentation for more information on using this tool.

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