Burpee Gardening Affiliate Program

Burpee Gardening Affiliate Program

Through the Burpee Gardening affiliate program, your patrons can reap the benefits of having access to Burpee.com, a robust online storefront filled with seeds and essential gardening tools. Whether planting for pleasure or the nutritional value of cooking food that comes out of your own backyard, the company has been helping people develop green thumbs for over a century.

This program is ideally marketed to budding horticulturalists in need of supplies to sustain their own flora at home.

Burpee Gardening Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Kohlrabi – Earn commissions on sales made at Burpee.com
Bountiful Banner Creative – Showcasing healthy saplings and the colorful company logo
Generational Crop – Specific strains of heirloom seeds and plants, cultivated for decades to keep their distinct appearance and flavor, are made available here

How Can You Benefit From This?
While the concept of garden-to-table cooking has had a renaissance over the past few years, the seeds must first be planted- literally. The Burpee Gardening affiliate program will surely entice home chefs with an extensive inventory of herbs and veggies, including organic varieties free of any additives or harmful toxins. Those members of your audience wishing to successfully grow a few flowers simply for their appealing appearance and scent can also accomplish that feat via Burpee.com

One with Nature
More than just a source for seedlings and spades, Burpee.com is a fountain of knowledge for individuals struggling to breathe life into their plants. Multiple seed starting videos and other thorough guides can be found on their site.

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