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The Circadian Optics affiliate program drives your web traffic to, makers of bright light therapy lamps that mimic daylight. Circadian Optics’ mission is to educate potential patrons on the importance of light in their everyday lives. Its lamps help balance the body’s circadian rhythm, which is ideal for those who may not have the chance to naturally access daylight.

This program can be marketed to anyone looking to brighten their lives by using light therapy as an essential part of a healthy daily routine.

Circadian Optics Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Daylight – Earn commission per sale at
As Seen On TV – Circadian Optics has been featured on ABS’s Shark Tank, Forbes, and more
User Guides – Circadian Optics offers quick downloadable user guides on their website

How Can You Benefit From This?
Sunlight exposure at the right time improves mood, boosts energy, and regulates sleep. Unfortunately, there are many individuals who don’t get nearly enough sun due to their occupation, lifestyle or geographical location. Thankfully, Circadian Optics’ lamps are designed to help its consumers achieve improved overall health by affording them the opportunity to supply themselves with light at their leisure. Circadian Optics lamps are available in many styles, designed to match a variety of rooms and workspaces. Its lamps are simple to use, and in just four short steps, your page viewers will be on their way to a brighter, more focused day.

On, your site visitors can access content explaining the science behind its lamps. Each article takes a deep dive into every aspect of light therapy and how it works. Literature contained on its landing page includes a thorough read about circadian rhythm and how it affects your audience members in their daily lives.

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