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The CIT Bank affiliate program provides your patrons with a convenient and reputable online only banking service. CIT Bank offers highly competitive high-yield savings, Money Market, CDs and custodial accounts.

This program could be marketed to site visitors looking to maximize their personal finances.

3 Tips to Increase Earnings Through the CIT Bank Affiliate Program:

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CIT Bank Affiliate Program Advantages

With over 100 years in business and several awards and accolades, CIT Bank is trusted by its customers and the banking industry. When publishers promote CIT Bank’s online banking service on their landing page, they will be promoting a leading service. By way of FlexOffers’ Publisher Pro platform, publishers can pair relevant content with CIT Bank’s tracking links and banners to drive traffic and potentially increase revenue. Individuals joined to CIT Bank via FlexOffers will also be afforded access to alerts and emails that allow them to keep pace with the affiliate program’s latest commission changes and updates.

Convenience and Confidence at your Fingertips

CIT Bank aims to help businesses and personal savers gain financial agility that enables them to grow. When patrons choose CIT Bank, they can manage their finances confidently and conveniently from the comfort of their home. Through online and mobile banking, site visitors can learn about different account types, receive assistance for saving strategies, and educate themselves on financial plans by utilizing’s abundant resources. CIT Bank offers flexible, short-term, and long-term savings solutions to help patrons reach their financial goals. CIT Bank is rated Best Online Banks of 2021 by GOBankingRates and Best Money Market in 2021 by MyBankTracker.

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