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CLEAR (US) Affiliate Program

The CLEAR (US) affiliate program sends your traffic to clearme.com, where they can sign up for a simplified security validation system accessible at airports, stadiums, and arenas across the country. CLEAR speeds members through long check-in lines by eliminating the need to reach for their wallet and identifying them though biometric identification such as finger print and iris scans.

This program appeals to individuals that dislike long security lines and would rather travel to their flight gate or stadium seat in five minutes or less.

CLEAR (US) Affiliate Program Benefits:
Quick Commission – Earn commissions on sales made at clearme.com
Biological Clock – Promotional materials focuses on prioritizing experiences over security lines with phrases like, “More game time, less wait time”
Time to Talk – Chat support is available through an online help box, by telephone, and by email

How Do You Benefit From This?
As if speeding through airport security wasn’t a big enough perk, CLEAR offers your audience the opportunity to refer a friend to sign up at clearme.com earning each of them 2 months of fast track travel for free. Additionally, your page visitors with kids can finally look forward to bringing their little ones along on vacation because children 18 and under can enjoy CLEAR for free. Your site viewers should have no reservations about trying out the latest biometric technology while ambassadors are stationed at each airport, arena, and stadium kiosk to assist users with all identity confirmation steps.

Alert the Media
For your more skeptical readers, CLEAR provides a “News Room” that explains the safety measures taken by the company to protect their user’s information. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram showcase the brand’s surging popularity and encourage your site visitors to share their experience utilizing the CLEAR (US) affiliate program.

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*Please note we are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system, but similar programs in this category can still be found at FlexOffers.com.