ClickN Kids Affiliate Program

ClickN Kids Affiliate Program

The ClickN Kids affiliate program directs your web visitors to, where they can purchase one of the world’s most advanced phonics and spelling educational programs for kids today. These award-winning online tutorials use interactive and individualized lessons to cover the curriculum from kindergarten through the fifth grade, improving reading levels and enhancing scholastic performance.

This program can effectively be marketed to parents, family members, and educators searching for engaging ways to help young children excel in school.

ClickN Kids Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Comprehension – Earn commissions on sales made via
Vibrant Creative – Colorful banners highlighting the various benefits of their programs
What’s Up, Doc? – Popular lesson plans available starring the Looney Tunes

How Can You Benefit From This?
Having already helped hundreds of thousands of children in multiple languages and over 100 countries learn how to read, ClickN Kids can also help the younglings in your audience’s care become more literate. Requiring no downloads, these lessons build independent learning skills and increase children’s confidence in the classroom, all while familiar characters fill up their screens. Teachers, parents, and students agree- ClickN Kids is a hit!

Gift of Knowledge
Instead of spending money on a violent videogame intended for older players, ClickN Kids lessons can keep children entertained while enriching their lives. Young ones will want to “play” over and over again, creating a love of learning that might not have been present before.

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