ContentWatch Affiliate Program

The ContentWatch affiliate program allows your audience members to access, where they can restrict the internet access that users within a network have using top-rated tools specifically designed for non-technical users. Aside from pre-emptively protecting a company from possible lawsuits, these programs can also boost employee productivity as their actions online are recorded and reported.

This affiliate program is ideally promoted to businesses of any size searching for a means to easily monitor and curtail employees’ web activities.

ContentWatch Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Control – Earn commissions with online purchases via
Dynamic Banner Creative – Highlighting their award-winning software and its features
Securing the Perimeter – Employs the latest anti-spyware and anti-virus technology to protect a system’s infrastructure

How Can This Benefit You?
Keeping tabs on your employees is an unfortunate but necessary part of the managerial process, still that tedious task can be made easier thanks to the ContentWatch affiliate program. Their internet filtering software can help maintain usage policies for devices on and off select networks, set customized policy settings and rules, and send email alerts to admins if there are any policy violations. Whether wanting to utilize the extensive features of ContentWatch’s products to precisely manage the activities of ten or ten thousand workstations, the process couldn’t be easier.

A Paragon of Home Protection
In addition to keeping the internet habits of others under control in a business setting, ContentWatch can also keep children safe from the dangers of the internet while browsing at home. These protective and productivity tools can also be effective in a scholastic setting or any other environment where maintaining focus is key.

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