The affiliate program drives your site traffic to, where they can sign up for an account to meet new mates online. Real British women and men are logging on each day to share their life experiences and possibly more with interesting people in their area.

This program can effectively be marketed to singles looking for a fun and sociable place to browse the dating pool and connect with others. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Connections – Earn commissions on leads and sales at
Alluring Marketing Materials – Banners offering hope and featuring happy couples
On the Hunt – Mixers and other social outings regularly coordinated to bring couples together

How Can You Benefit From This?
The affiliate program is committed to doing everything possible to make online dating a pleasurable experience, which takes a lot of pressure off of newcomers. Thousands of real conversations happen on the site daily between friendly singles of all walks of life, so chances are your readers will be able to find at least a few people they share similar interests with. Who knows, after a few dates, couples might be thanking for introducing them to the partner of their dreams!

Safety First
Unlike searching for singles without any pretense at a local bar, the platform serves as a way of safely scouting potential company before sylleptically getting too close. Through this outlet, your site visitors can whittle down potential suitors with no pressure until they find just the right one.

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