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dELiA*s Affiliate Program

The dELiA*s affiliate program stocks the funky, fun, quirky teen girls’ brand launched in the ’90s — and relaunched online in 2015 — is THE brand for perfect-fit denim, unique tees, the cutest dresses on the planet, collection-worthy shoes, and where-did-you-get-those accessories.

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dELiA*s Affiliate Program

The dELiA*s affiliate program grants your web traffic access to, one of the ultimate online teen girls and junior’s fashion destinations. They feature a wide array of tops, jeans, dresses, sweaters, shoes, and accessories to help any young fashionista get the exact look she’s looking for.

This affiliate program is best marketed to families with style-conscious teen girls who want to look their best without paying ridiculous runway prices.

dELiA*s Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Clothing – Earn commissions on all sales made from
Vibrant Banner Creative – Showcasing colorful clothing options and great sales offers
Weekend Wear – Fun swimwear, comfortable cardigans, haute couture heels, and other casual apparel options available

How Can This Benefit You?
As frustrating as it could be for young women to work together a new outfit, it can prove even more so for the family members trying to appease their tastes. The dELiA*s affiliate program is a great fashion option for both teen girls and their parents as they have plentiful options at very manageable values. Great for school, weekends, or fun nights with friends, dELiA*s is definitely up on the latest teen girl trends.

Prom Prep Central
Instead of paying an exorbitant amount for a dress that will probably be worn but once, dELiA*s has a number of beautiful dresses that are suitable for an evening out or the biggest scholastic social event of the season. Sequins, pleats, and patterned dresses in various cuts and styles are available.

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