DL1961 Women Affiliate Program

The DL1961 Women affiliate program drives your site traffic to DL1961.com, where they can purchase what are widely considered to be “perfect fitting jeans.” From New York to the wanton wardrobes of trendsetters everywhere, these articles are made to turn heads no matter the wearer’s body type.

This program can effectively be marketed to tastemakers on the lookout for jeans that can define an entire outfit.

DL1961 Women Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Flares – Commissions are earned on sales made at DL1961.com
Picturesque Creative – Highlighting site-wide deals and popular product lines
Family Affair – Undeniably stylish maternity jeans also stocked

How Can You Benefit From This?
Wearing an unintentionally worn-out pair of jeans might be enough for some of your audience members, but those painfully aware of their outfits know that DL1961.com is where the best pairs resides. Their smart denim provides comfort and shape like no other pants in a wearer’s regular rotation, moving and stretching with each stride for an ideal fit. The moment your readers slip into a pair of DL1961’s, they’ll wonder how they ever wore any others before.

Dapper Denim
Guys who want to grow up from the look of baggy jeans should also shop the DL1961 Women affiliate program. The storefront also sells pants for men in numerous cuts and colors that can be incorporated into casual and upscale ensembles alike.

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