Emmi-dent Affiliate Program

The Emmi-dent affiliate program grants your audience access to emmi-dent.com, a company that has been developing Ultrasonic technologies for over a decade. They sell an ultrasound toothbrush which creates up to 84 million air oscillations per minute.

This affiliate program is optimally geared for people who want to avoid high dental bills.

Emmi-dent Affiliate Program Benefits:

Commissionable Oscillations – Earn commissions on sales via emmi-dent.com
Gratifying Marketing Creative – Showcasing happier families through having beautiful healthy teeth
Brace Yourselves – An ideal, painless solution for those who wear braces or have oral implants

How Can This Benefit You?
Even your page patrons who dread going to the dentist will love the Ultrasonic toothbrush from emmi-dent.com. Using the Emmi-dent Ultrasound Toothbrush in combination with their specially formulated toothpaste creates billions of nano-bubbles which reaches areas that normal toothbrushes cannot. This sensation will leave the mouths of even the most skeptical customers feeling as though they had just been professionally cleaned.

Say Cheese!
Besides providing oral hygiene, the Emmi-dent Ultrasonic Toothbrush also acts as a non-bleaching color restorer. Users will be clad to see their pearly whites pop again in pictures after just a short while of properly taking care of their teeth.

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