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The Eusoh | Pet Insurance affiliate program drives your web traffic to Eusoh.com, where pet owners team up to share veterinary expenses. This premium-free, cost-sharing initiative provides an alternative to pet insurance, saving its customers money while providing their pets the care they deserve. Through Eusoh.com, subscribers can safeguard their pets from illness and have emergency treatment covered for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional pet insurance plans.

This program can be marketed to pet owners dedicated to finding affordable methods to keep their cuddly companion protected and maintain the overall health of their pet.

Eusoh | Pet Insurance Program Benefits:
Commissionable Pet Care – Earn commission per sale at Eusoh.com
Eusoh | Pet Insurance Cool – Large banners featuring a hip French Bulldog in sunglasses encourages your page viewers to try an alternative to pet insurance
Empowered Community – Eusoh | Pet Insurance does not touch the money that flows between community members to ensure fair and meaningful reimbursements

How Do You Benefit From This?
With a Eusoh | Pet Insurance account, your site visitors will have the opportunity to find a cost-sharing group capable of reimbursing them following a routine or emergency trips to the veterinarian. Eusoh | Pet Insurance’s returns for services rendered are based on national average pricing, plus a variance to account for differences in pricing across the country. While accident and illness coverage account for 98% of conventional pet insurance policies, Eusoh | Pet Insurance offers a comprehensive wellness plan that even covers hereditary conditions and prescription meds at a discounted rate. By sheer classification, Eusoh | Pet Insurance is not an insurance plan, but by partnering with other pet parents, your patrons will assuredly find the care they need for their furry friend whilst enjoying extreme savings.

Become an Ambassador
If your audience members would like to share their personal Eusoh | Pet Insurance experience with others who simply want the best care for their pet, they’ll certainly want to become a Eusoh | Pet Insurance ambassador. With a valid email address, your readers can promote themselves via social media, print materials, local media, and get paid while championing Eusoh | Pet Insurance benefits.

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