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Fabriah.com Affiliate Program

The Fabriah.com affiliate program gets your page viewers whipping their hair back and forth at fabriah.com, an online shop for a chain of hair salons based in England. Stocking only expert-recommended premium hair products, both women and men will find quality hair care maintenance and treatments, all at affordable prices.

This program is geared toward UK-based men and women who take pride in their tresses, seeking DIY salon treatment with top name brand hair care products that are both budget-friendly and uniquely designed.

Fabriah.com Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Hair Care – Commissions are earned on sales at fabriah.com
Groomed Banners – Seasonal themes incorporating the Fabriah logo and deep color palettes
Fab Freebies – Complimentary samples customers can directly choose when they make a purchase

How Can This Program Benefit You?
“Trust the professionals” is the mentality shoppers have when perusing Fabriah.com. Especially for those in hairy situations, browsing options categorized by “bad hair day,” for example, pack expert tips and recommendations for products like Moroccan Argan oil treatment. There’s also a “gift sets for him” tab that serves as the perfect shopping inspiration for special occasions. And for everyone else, the vast product range includes rare items like hair dust, paste, clay, and lotion, which are hard to find anywhere else.

No matter how you spell it, shopping at Fabriah will grant your audience members fab hair, but the salon chain does more than just save them from the horrors of split ends. They save animals, too! Partnering with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, contributions to Fabriah have the potential to help strengthen efforts that protect threatened species and habitats. When you integrate this program into your site, you’re not only giving your audience luscious locks, but preserving ecology too!

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