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Fitz and Floyd Affiliate Program

The Fitz and Floyd affiliate program gives your page readers the ability to buy the ceramic décor, dinnerware, and collectibles sold via For over half a century, they have been delighting royalty and common folk alike with their elegant items for entertaining.

This program is best directed to consumers who want to impress others by serving their culinary creations on stylish plates and trays.

Fitz and Floyd Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Candleholders – Earn commissions on purchases made at
Varied Creative – Banners in different sizes promoting seasonal deals and discounts
The Glass Menagerie – Charming collectible figurines available depicting farm animals and fictional characters

How Can You Benefit From This?
When company comes over, that’s the time to break out the good dishes. Homemakers who want to ensure they draw compliments from everyone that visits will want to do their dinnerware shopping at, which stocks artisan creations suitable for tea time and throughout the holiday season. Even if all they need is a new ceramic centerpiece, this is the definitive outlet for people to find the timeless productions that will get others talking.

Annual Appeal
Whether celebrating the impending arrival of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, there are plenty of cheerful presents for your audience members to purchase year ‘round through the Fitz and Floyd affiliate program. Cookie jars, waterglobes, and similar potential heirlooms can be sourced on this site.

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