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Promoting the FiveStar affiliate program on your website grants shoppers access to, where they can purchase tangible planning solutions to keep their tasks organized. They’ve notebooks, folders, and planners that students and professionals alike have relied upon for decades.

This program can be marketed to anyone who could use a bit more help with their practical organization abilities.

FiveStar Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Planners – Earn commissions on sales made at
Vibrant Creative – Banners showcasing popular notebook designs stocked
It’s a Trap! – Organize papers with Trapper Keeper binders featuring pop culture characters

How Can You Benefit From This?
There’s no reason for your audience members to clumsily spill their papers while on their way to class or a meeting anymore, not when they can buy folders sold through the FiveStar affiliate program. Comfortable, stylish backpacks are also sold through this outlet, designed to be durable enough to survive a few years on campus. At these prices, FiveStar products certainly rate as high as their namesake implies.

Locker Blockers
With only a few minutes between classes, students don’t have enough time to wade through the sea of papers that an unorganized locker eventually turns into. Thankfully, sells locker organization sets to keep binders in place and school accessories neat.

Sign up with to learn more about the FiveStar affiliate program today!

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