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The Foxsmart Findy affiliate program offers your web traffic access to a manufacturer of tracking devices for eyewear. Through the use of a Bluetooth tracking device, small enough and light enough to fit on the frame of its customers’ eyewear, Foxsmart’s Findy Eyewear locator eliminates the question “where are my Glasses”. Checking in at a mere 28mm x 5mm the Findy tracking device is nonintrusive and completely inconspicuous, allowing fashion enthusiasts to commence keeping pace with the latest style trends – and their eyewear.
This program can be marketed to individuals in search of failsafe measures to help prevent the loss of eyewear and the obligatory trip to an eyeglass retailer to find a suitable replacement.

Foxsmart Findy Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Tracking – Earn commission per sale at foxsmart.eu and findmyglasses.com
Never Lose – Large colorful banners entice site visitors by presenting the prospect of preventing lost eyewear
Blending In – The Findy Eyewear tracker is offered in transparent and black, which seamlessly meshes with the colors of most eyeglass frames

How Can You Benefit from This?
Eyewear can be incredibly costly and regularly replacing lost reading glasses or even a stunning pair of shades can easily compromise one’s budget. Thankfully Foxsmart has introduced a sleek Bluetooth device that fits just on the inside of the temple that enables your readers to instantly locate their glasses in any event they should misplace them. The Bluetooth tracking device is accompanied by the FINDY app. The FINDY app features a “Alarm” button which sounds a beeper to assist eyeglass wearers with finding their Eyewear.

Track Personal Items Globally
The Foxsmart Findy tracker device is not only beneficial for those who wear glasses but they can also be attached to a multitude of daily essentials that help nine-to-fivers and travelers keep track of their personal items. For every globetrotter who has ever endured the horror of losing their wallet, cell phone or briefcase while out of town or on foreign soil, Findy |provides assurance that they’ll never again become separated from their belongings.

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