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The Greenlight affiliate program gives your site visitors access to, a debit card for kids and teenagers. Greenlight is a prepaid card that allows parents to closely monitor their child’s allowance and spending habits, while teaching them basic financial concepts that will serve them well in the future.

This program is geared toward families in search of an easy way to teach their children healthy financial habits.

3 Tips to Increase Earnings Through the Greenlight Affiliate Program

  • Sign up with to earn commission per sale by promoting the Greenlight affiliate program on your site
  • Browse for affordable family plans designed to suit your viewers’ individual needs
  • Select and market items via FlexOffers’ Publisher Pro platform that enables the parents among your target audience to give their child practical experience in the world of personal finance.

Greenlight Affiliate Program Advantages

Greenlight is a banking and investing app for kids and teenagers managed by parents. By highlighting promotions containing Greenlight’s financial services, publishers will find marketing tools that will appeal to their readers’ needs. When promoting on your site, publishers will be privy to updated tracking links and enticing banners that can be incorporated into their website. Additionally, publishers can opt for alerts and emails that allow them to keep pace with the affiliate program’s latest offers and commission changes.

The Banking and Investing App for Kids and Teens

Greenlight is on a mission to help parents raise finance-savvy kids. Its user-friendly platform and innovative features provide children the opportunity to become fiscally responsible through education and real-life application. While using the Greenlight app, parents can instantly transfer money to their kid’s account, track their transaction history, set ATM cash withdrawal limits, and receive real-time notifications whenever the card is used. Greenlight works diligently to help children understand their finances by providing them with educational content that expands their knowledge on saving, investing, earning, and spending money wisely.

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