Through the Groomie Shaver affiliate program, your users will discover a game changing head shaver. The BaldiePro’s design is a huge upgrade from a traditional razer, giving users their best shave yet.

This program could be marketed to anyone looking for an upgrade in their shaving routine.

Groomie Shaver Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Shaving Kit – Earn commission per action at
Endorsed by Athletes – Popular athletes use and love the BaldiePro
Boost Confidence – The Groomie Shaver kit allows users to have a salon-fresh shave every day

How Can You Benefit from This?
With the Groomie Shaver kit, users can easily have a fresh shave every morning. While traditional razers require other shaving products and cause ingrown hairs, the BaldiePro’s effective design saves users the mess. This device has an ergonomic design that follows the shape of the user’s head as they shave. This makes for an easy shave that leaves no hair behind. This product also allows patrons to shave wet or dry to make their morning routine a breeze.

Save Money
When patrons get the Groomie Shaver kit, a routine trip to the barber is no longer needed. This device gives users a salon-clean shave without the monthly cost.

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