Promoting the Handy affiliate program on your landing page directs your audience to, where they can sign up for home cleaning services from trusted and verified professionals. Need your kitchen cleaned, pictures hung, or toilet unclogged? This is the place to find the people to get the job done.

This program can be marketed to busy professionals, families, and individuals who could use a hand getting some work done around the house.

Handy Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Painter – Earn commissions sales made at
Vibrant Banner Creative – Colorful images featuring the Handy logo
Splatoon – Pay by the hour to have rooms painted by professionals with their own tools and protective coverings

How Can This Benefit You?
Sometimes there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to help the kids with their homework, fix dinner, and finish the trim work in the spare room you’ve been meaning to complete for months. The Handy affiliate program is just that, as your patrons can call upon them to schedule service from a skilled and certified professional that can be trusted. The booking process itself takes only about a minute or so, making the most time-consuming part of the process for customers actually finding these banners and links on your page.

International Flair
Available in 37 locations around the globe including the UK and Canada, Handy can streamline housework for millions of people who visit your page. In case there are any doubts, secure payments and a 100% money-back guarantee are the norm here.

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