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The HelpingHand – Payday Loans affiliate program allows your audience members to get the personal loans they need fast through They are not lenders or brokers themselves, but have built a network of short-term lenders ready to help qualifying customers get the cash they need to cover unexpected expenses in a hurry.

This affiliate program is optimally marketed to individuals in need of quick cash loans to temporarily cover emergency medical costs, overwhelming bills, or other daunting debts.

HelpingHand – Payday Loans Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Advances – Earn commissions on leads submitted by visitor containing valid contact information and qualifying for a payday loan and sold to a lender via
Enticing Marketing Material – Bright banners promoting quick cash despite bad credit
Christmas Cash – Can be used to cover unexpected expenses during the holiday season

How Can This Benefit You?
When disaster strikes or the mounting interest costs become too much for your site visitors to handle on their own, the HelpingHand – Payday Loans affiliate program can help. After filling out a quick two minute form, redirects would-be borrowers to a lender willing to work with them to grant them the cash they need now. Cash can appear in a borrower’s account as fast as the next business day, making them an invaluable resource when all other options have been exhausted.

Cauterizing with Cash
Even with an emergency nest egg in case the worst happens to you or your loved ones, no one can anticipate the full cost of medical expenses in case of an emergency. can serve as that extra boost your web traffic needs to keep their heads above water a bit longer.

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*Please note we are not currently offering this affiliate program in our system, but similar programs in this category can still be found at

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