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The IBERIA UK affiliate program drives your website traffic to Iberia.com, one of Spain’s largest and oldest airlines. With 132 aircraft serving 115 destinations in 42 countries, Iberia’s reach extends far around the globe.

This program can be effectively marketed to world wanderers and business travelers.

IBERIA UK Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Flights – Earn commissions on every sale through Iberia.com
Action Ads – Promotional banners include destination flights with urgings to ‘Book now’
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Visitors on the site can also book rental cars and train tickets for a truly worldly experience

How Can You Benefit From This?
Flying with Iberia is synonymous with traveling in style. Five ticketing choices provides a bevy of travel options capable of matching any flyer’s need. Whether traveling in Business Plus featuring gourmet cooking or flying in Economy class with individual touch screens playing movies, Iberia is not your typical airline offering the bare necessities. Travel guides also help ensure customers will have an unforgettable experience at their destination to help create more frequent flyers.

Stress Reliever
While most people don’t think of flying as being a pleasurable experience, Iberia offers ‘Before you travel’ tips to ensure a reliable and less stressful trip. From traveling with pets and minors to passengers with special needs, Iberia’s extensive information helps alleviate any preflight worries flyers may have to help facilitate more bookings.

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