The – the Community for Expats affiliate program allows your audience members to access, the first online international community for people who live and work abroad. Recent transplants to a new city or those planning on moving can search for other individuals and families with similar backgrounds which may be able to provide invaluable insight on the area.

This affiliate program is optimally promoted to professionals and students who may have moved abroad and are seeking socialization with fellow former countrymen. – the Community for Expats Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Communication – Earn commissions with valid registration via
Inviting Banner Creative – Highlighting socialization with other cheerful expats
New in Town – Excellent avenue for building up a network of friends and familiar faces

How Can This Benefit You?
Living in new city on your own can be a very lonely experience, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case thanks to the – the Community for Expats affiliate program. A network based on trust, users are able to interact with others in similar situations with similar tastes and interests, exchanging information from expat experiences to better help others see the world through familiar eyes. Membership for groups on is also strictly invitation-based from current members, thus creating a secure network based on personal trust.

Somewhere Out There
With hundreds of local expatriate communities located in cities all over the world, there are no shortages of “global minds” with whom to share new experiences with. Aside from online interactivity, many groups also host in-person events to better get to know others in their area.

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