Jalbum Affiliate Program

The Jalbum affiliate program directs your web traffic to jAlbum.net, where they can sign up for software that can help them create stunning web photo albums. These dynamic albums can then be shared on any website or via jAlbum for others to enjoy.

This program is geared towards casual photography enthusiasts who want to find a way to properly exhibit their work online.

Jalbum Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Order – Commissions are earned on sales made at jAlbum.net
Sleek Creative – Bold imagery showcasing their powerful software
Love the Skin You’re In – Select from a plethora of premade album skins or create your own

How Can You Benefit From This?
Your web patrons who take their photography seriously should know that simply texting their shots to others is not the way to be taken seriously. The Jalbum affiliate program grants them access to software that can help with everything from editing shots to adding captions and watermarks to protect their content once it goes into the wild. This program is optimized to handle huge image volumes as well, so shutterbugs with a backlog of beautiful images have no excuse not to get their content organized.

Bank on It
Monetizing your visual content is easy using jAlbum. In minutes, users can set up an album and decide their pricing structure so customers can then use PayPal or Google Checkout to buy the pictures that inspire or impress them most.

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