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The Jettly affiliate program connects your site visitors to jettly.com, a one-stop rental site for private aircraft. Jettly is an on-demand private jet charter that allows customers to browse and select from thousands of unique private jets, airplanes, and helicopters from around the globe.

This program could be marketed to all individuals interested in booking private flights with high-quality service.

Jettly Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Commissionable Jets – Earn commission per sale at jettly.com
  • Alluring Banner Creatives – Colorful and large banners highlight Jettly’s private services and remarkable aircraft
  • Highly-Rated Among Media Experts – Jettly’s accessibility and competitive pricing model are highly acclaimed by media experts such as Forbes magazine, CNBC, and BBC News.

How Can You Benefit from This?

Whether traveling for business or leisure, Jettly helps travelers switch from commercial to private flights. Through the Jettly affiliate program, your audience members will gain access to a user-friendly website that allows them to join one of the fastest-growing private jet clubs worldwide. Jettly’s intuitive platform allows customers to find and book private jet charter flights, seats, and more no matter the destination. The brand also stands out in terms of convenience. They are available on multiple devices and offer a wide variety of features. When browsing jettly.com, customers can search for the aircraft of their preference, look for popular destinations, and learn about popular events Jettly charters.

Private Jet Charter Cost Estimator

If your patrons are looking to charter a private jet, Jettly offers a cost estimator feature that allows customers to calculate the total cost of their desired journey. When using Jettly’s cost estimator, customers can compare rates for different aircraft and choose the best that suits their needs.

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