Kabbage Working Capital Affiliate Program

The Kabbage Working Capital affiliate program takes your enterprising site viewers to Kabbage.com, where they can easily apply and secure a loan to help their small businesses get off the ground. Featuring a simple application process that takes minutes rather than hours, customers can access their cash advance in a fraction of the time it typically takes.

This affiliate program is best promoted to small business owners who need a little financial push in order to ensure that their venture takes off smoothly and successfully.

Kabbage Working Capital Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Business Cultivation – Commissions are earned when a customer completes a profile, submits their application, and meets requirements for a Kabbage.com account
Enticing Marketing Imagery – Advertising the several benefits of joining Kabbage
Planting the Seeds for Success – The Community page provides dozens of useful tips and interesting articles that may pertain to users’ businesses

How Can This Benefit You?
Planning and growing a business bears worlds of potential, but none of the magic can happen without the proper financial backing to get it all started. Thanks to the Kabbage Working Capital affiliate program, however, your audience can request, and quickly receive, the necessary advance to cover initial expenses. Prospective clients can qualify for up to dozens of thousands of dollars, ensuring that they won’t come up short.

Pay Your Way
The Kabbage affiliate program gives your page patrons options, such as ongoing access to funds rather than one lump sum. Loans are repaid within six months, so if they needed less and pay faster, clients save more. Everybody wins!

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