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The Katchy affiliate program drives your web traffic to katchybug.com, a top-rated Amazon best seller dedicated to eliminating indoor insects once and for all. This insect trap effectively eliminates annoying insects from your readers’ home and subsequently makes their lives easier and more enjoyable.

This program is geared towards consumers who are in search of environmentally friendly methods that exterminate indoor bugs.

3 Tips To Increase Earnings Through The FlexOffers Affiliate Program
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• Browse katchybug.com for insect-eliminating products geared to suit your viewers’ individual needs
• Select and market items via FlexOffers’ Publisher Pro platform that enable your target audience to obtain products that allow them to live in an insect-free home

Katchy Affiliate Program Advantage
Katchy is an online merchant that works diligently to create new technological devices that help eliminate indoor insects and create a soothing atmosphere. By highlighting promotions containing Katchy’s product inventory, publishers will assuredly find marketing tools that will appeal to your target site visitors’ needs. When you promote Katchybug.com on your site, publishers will be offered updated tracking links and colorful banners that work in concert with their webpage’s content. Additionally, publishers can opt into alerts and emails allow them to keep pace with the affiliate program’s latest offers and commission charges.

Triple Trapping Power
Katchy is an innovative device that uses cutting edge technology to get rid of pesky insects that invade your home and bother you and your family. Its game-changing gadget uses three phases to help remove invading bugs, fruit flies, mosquitoes, or gnats. Katchy uses a UV light lamp that attracts the flies, and a reversed fan that creates a suctioning airflow that traps the insects inside the device. Once inside, the pests get glued to the sticky board where they inevitably expire. Utilizing technology in a humane, environmentally friendly way, each Katchy indoor insect trap provides a safe, effective solution to in-home pests, without using toxic chemicals, harsh odors, or hazardous electric zappers. Customers who purchase Katchy’s insect trap can confidently say goodbye to unwanted visitors and regain peace of mind.

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