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Knock Knock Affiliate Program

The Knock Knock affiliate program guides your web traffic to, where they can obtain clever stationery products and office supplies. These whimsically designed items are sure to spark a smirk on the face of even the busiest curmudgeon at work.

This program is geared towards cheerful individuals who want to share their positivity and sly sense of humor with others.

Knock Knock Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Notebooks – Earn commissions on sales made at
Engaging Banners – Images featuring the colorful Knock Knock logo and popular products
Calm the F*ck Down – Tongue-in-cheek parenting guides stocked for new parents to ponder

How Can You Benefit From This Program?
All it takes to turn someone’s day around is a simple note, and few companies feature pads as poignant as the ones available from Knock Knock. Even customers who have a more playfully passive aggressive attitude can stock up on desk supplies here, including journals and coffee mugs that have just enough ‘tude to not warrant a meeting with the human resources department at work. Daily affirmations, good vibrations, and a slightly skewed view of the world are all part of the charm at Knock Knock.

But First, Let Me Take an Ussie
As technologically advanced as we are nowadays, even more value is placed upon physical photo albums due to the time and effort needed to put them together. Fill them with petsies (photos of pets) or other snapshots, affix a bow, and hand them to those you love most for maximum effectiveness.

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