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Life is Feudal: MMO Affiliate Program

By marketing the Life is Feudal: MMO affiliate program on your website, your audience members can join the massive multiplayer sandbox world that is Life is Feudal. The game allows players to experience various aspects of medieval life, from crafting to keeping your city from being overrun by enemy forces.

This program is geared towards gamers looking to interact with others in real-time through a wondrous online fantasy world.

Life is Feudal: MMO Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Immersion – Commissions are earned on sales made at https://secure.xsolla.com/api/network/?utm_source=flexoffers&utm_campaign=01NT_LIFMMO&sid=[click_id]
#SquadGoals – Join or create your very own guild to take on opposing armies, fortify your own defenses, and facilitate worldwide trading
FOR THE HORDE! – Play alongside up to 10,000 people simultaneously in a server

How Can This Benefit You?
Any of your audience members who want to dive into full-scale wars over digital land claims need only to click through your links for the Life is Feudal: MMO affiliate program. If the minigames and global politics don’t intrigue gamers to give this title a go, then the brutal online fighting system certainly will. The land is neither historically-accurate nor filled with elves and dragons, and every decision made is an important one that will determine one’s fate. Your site visitors are eager to join the siege, so promote this program today!

Gimme the Loot
Any of your patrons who have ever spent months of their life at a time playing an MMO know that the ultimate end goal is all of that sweet loot they can obtain. Your web traffic won’t be able to get enough of the rich world that is Life is Feudal, particularly after discovering the treasures that await them.

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