Logo Garden Affiliate Program

The Logo Garden affiliate program allows your site visitors to access LogoGarden.com, which offers a simple and cost-effective method for creating professional brand logos. Users can select from a library of images and customize the design in minutes, or have a logo professionally created for one flat price.

This affiliate program is best promoted to growing businesses, social groups, or individual entrepreneurs wishing to create stronger branding with a professional looking logo.

Logo Garden Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Commissionable Imagery – Earn commissions with purchase of a High Res Logo at LogoGarden.com
  • Colorful Marketing Material – Highlighting their professionally designed logo services
  • Big Brand Experience – Advertising campaigns and print collateral created for well-known multinational clients


How Can This Benefit You?
Whether detailing business cards or a website, having the right look could realistically make or break a company. Thanks to the Logo Garden affiliate program, your web traffic will not have to deal with brand confusion caused by recycled Clip art or exorbitantly high fees from professional designers. Users will be able to create their own sleek logo in minutes, or have the award-winning members of the Logo Garden team design one for them.

Tips and Tricks
Ambitious business owners who want to create their own logo and are in need of inspiration have access to a number of design tips on LogoGarden.com. They can also view sample logos, sites, and business cards to get a better idea when determining the aesthetics of their own products.

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