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Lottosend – Revshare Affiliate Program

The Lottosend – Revshare affiliate program grants your patrons access to, where they can enjoy some of the world’s top licensed lottery games. Rather than waiting in line at their local drug store for a few tickets, this website lets lottery players try their luck online at their convenience.

This program is geared towards regular lotto players who want a more convenient means of playing.

Lottosend – Revshare Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Tickets – Earn revenue shares at
Striking Marketing – Dynamic banners promoting opportunities to win big
Safe and Secure – Winnings credited directly to players’ account rather than being cashed out at a brick-and-mortar shop

How Can You Benefit From This?
Marketing the Lottosend – Revshare affiliate program on your landing page gives your audience members the ability to play their favorite games from any internet-ready device. From the wildly popular Powerball USA to Mega Millions and a slew of other games, they have lots of opportunities to win and make one’s wildest dreams come true. Should your patrons have any questions about the lottery games available to play, how to take part, or security concerns, a full FAQ is available for peace of mind at

Group Games
Even more lucrative ticket packages are available for purchase through Lottosend’s Group Games. These games utilize pre-purchased mathematically chosen numbers to increase one’s chances and make playing more affordable.

Sign up with to learn more about the Lottosend – Revshare affiliate program today!