Lumens Light + Living Affiliate Program

The Lumens Light + Living affiliate program permits your web visitors to shop, a virtual storefront offering some of the very best design-oriented lights, fans, and furnishings available anywhere. Their massive product inventory ranges in styles from the contemporary and chic to classic, casual, and functional fixtures made to light up customers’ lives.

This affiliate program is ideally promoted to fashionable homeowners with an eye for design and taste for uniquely crafted home goods.

Lumens Light + Living Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Creativity – Earn commissions when a customer completes an online purchase within the shopping cart at
Modern Marketing Materials – Banners showcasing their aesthetically pleasing product lines
Designer’s Dream – Features iconic lighting pieces from hundreds of design brands

How Can This Benefit You?
Any of your audience members who want to change the look of a room or doctor light sources to create a completely new ambiance will enjoy the options available for purchase via the Lumens Light + Living affiliate program. From simple sleek wall fixtures to products more closely resembling mounted modern art, they have a number of nuanced pieces to please a wide range of styles in homes and offices alike. Indoors or out, fixed or adjustable, Lumens Light + Living is just full of bright home décor ideas.

Cool Kitsch
Rather than embarrassingly offering the same gift to friends or family members that someone else had already given them, is filled with unique items not found at many other retailers. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations and other celebrations for both adults and children can be covered here.

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