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NewBeauty TestTube Affiliate Program

Through the NewBeauty TestTube affiliate program, your web visitors will be able to take part in the recurring subscription service that makes sampling today’s top beauty products a joyous breeze. Each delivery includes full-sized samples of scented lotions, facial moisturizers, and other soon-to-be essential applications.

This program is geared towards women who wish to incorporate new and exciting products into their daily grooming routine.

NewBeauty TestTube Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Concealers – Commissions are earned on each valid lead at
Varied Creative – Showcasing examples of name brand beauty products that can be included in a shipment
In the Know – A subscription to the quarterly NewBeauty magazine is also included

How Can You Benefit From This?
Thousands of people have already discovered the dream-like scenario of having exquisite quality beauty products delivered to their door via the NewBeauty TestTube affiliate program, and your patrons can soon be among them. Every two months, a vibrant box filled with a curated collection of lotions, balms, and the like will be sent so that customers can get a taste of what’s “in” in the world of skincare and makeup. As the items included each time varies, every package sent is a welcome surprise.

Video Support
While an informative insert is included with each NewBeauty TestTube order, additional support is offered to members online. In addition to a YouTube channel, subscribers receive video emails to demonstrate how to best use each item that comes in their TestTube.

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