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The OAREX affiliate program connects your audience to, an online advertising revenue exchange portal. OAREX is a place for digital entrepreneurs to exchange revenues for immediate liquidity. While industry standards dictate that digital media payment may take anywhere between 30 and 90 days, OAREX remedies payment delays by unlocking cash tied up in invoices. By way of OAREX’s invoice factoring process, waiting to get paid while operating in the digital media sphere is now a thing of the past.

This program could be marketed to digital media executives looking to immediately convert invoices into cash for working capital to grow their business.

OAREX Affiliate Program Benefits:
• Commissionable Leads – Earn commission per qualified lead at
• OUAREX Portal – The on-boarding process is equipped to provide its users with a term sheet in under 10 minutes
• Flexibility – OAREX gives your patrons the flexibility to decide which invoices they want to sell, and the frequency they desire to sell them

How Can You Benefit From This?
Through OAREX’s no credit limits, your readers can circumvent the hassle of dealing with a borrowing base. OAREX’s capital availability was constructed by a group of financiers offering a closed line of credit worth $50 million. Thanks to financial initiatives spearheaded by arena investors and LPs of New York City, OAREX has been instrumental in helping business professionals gain entry to funding their digital enterprise. Subscribing to OAREX is a risk-free plan for proprietors as its services do not require a personal guarantee or credit check. In any event, a consumer neglects to pay their balance, OAREX also assumes all financial and credit risks associated with each customer, save for client disputes.

Valuable Resources
Find valuable resources at such as credit and payment reports, that facilitate an industry-wide effort to improve lending transparency. Your page viewers can get their digital media fix through OAREX’s blog, filled with informative digital media articles and company updates.

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