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The OTTASILVER affiliate program leads your site visitors to, a unique and affordable men’s jewelry brand. What started with one artisan in a small locality now has 20 different artisan groups and design lines. Each collection represents one of their craftsmen’s signature style, which facilitates the creation of a variety of unique pieces. OTTASILVER jewelry is hand made and features sterling silver and novel stones, that provide customers with exceptional jewelry at affordable prices.

This program can be marketed to shoppers with an appreciation for quality men’s jewelry capable of complementing any outfit in your patron’s wardrobe.

OTTASILVER Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Jewelry – Earn commission per sale at
Sleek Creatives – Polished banners promoting jewelry showcasing impeccable craftsmanship
World Shipping – OTTASILVER jewelry is shipped directly to customers all over the world free of charge

How Can You Benefit From This?
Help your web traffic discover timeless silver jewelry pieces at Whether they are looking for a keepsake or a truly custom piece of wearable art, OTTASILVER has it all. The brand was founded in Istanbul and brings diversity in its jewelry designs, including a collection of beautifully crafted Tasbih (a form of prayer beads). All orders get delivered in luxury packaging with a certificate of authenticity. The OTTASILVER bracelet collection comes in three styles, including elegant hand-knitted silver. Its treasured designs include distinguished lines and exquisite detail, alongside intricate engravings, and beautifully polished metals. OTTASILVER jewelry is adorned with colorful precious stones and pearls suitable for a variety of environments. With the brands’ extensive collection of jewelry, your customers can select casual and fancy pieces that boosts confidence and garners attention from onlookers.

By subscribing to the OTTASILVER newsletter, your readers can access savings and new item listings. Your page viewers will also be notified of new promotions and timely updates on existing products.

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