Out of Warranty Affiliate Program

The Out of Warranty affiliate program transports your audience members to OutofWarranty.com, where their precious electronic devices can be sent to receive a clean bill of health. Whether it’s been damaged by water, an unfortunate fall, or other forces of nature, chances are Out of Warranty can fix it and send it back like new.

This affiliate program will best appeal to individuals whose handheld gadgets have suffered injury and cannot be repaired free of charge due to an expired warranty.

Out of Warranty Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Reconstruction – Earn commissions when a customer completes a purchase with valid payment at OutofWarranty.com
Restorative Marketing Material – Featuring common causes for repair
A Little Water Never Hurt Anyone – Water damaged phones and tablets can be capably patched up; if beyond help, consumers get their money back

How Can This Benefit You?
The only thing worse than fate detaching us from our soul-consuming mobile gizmos is realizing that we can’t fix them gratis because the manufacturer’s warranty is no longer valid. There exists an encouraging solution, however, and it lies through the Out of Warranty affiliate program. Their confident staff can flip frowns upside down by offering your web viewers a simple and honest estimate, fast turnaround, and a repaired portable device that might just function better than it did before.

Making it Rain
Asides from getting them back the plastic love of their lives, the Out of Warranty affiliate program can also save your page traffic some serious dough. With the money that they’d instead spend buying a brand new contraption, customers can instead spend it tricking out their old one – or better yet, saving it for an unexpected emergency.

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