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PairTradeFinder Affiliate Program

PairTrade Finder PRO™ trading software has been downloaded more than 6,000 times and sold over 2,000 licenses worldwide.

Created over 10 years by two highly-profitable hedge fund managers, PRO gives traders an “edge” using a proven platform to trade “long/short” a.k.a. “pair trading”, protected from market crashes and big account drawdowns.

Research has shown its pair trading strategy to provide a 36% p.a. increase in annual performance versus the indices, unlevered (Chen, 2012).

PRO is easy-to-learn and use, offering a 3-Hour Pair Trading Course for free. PRO uses free Yahoo! delayed stock data allowing a new user to trade with no further cost. PRO integrates with Interactive Brokers and IQFeed for real-time data and semi-automatic trading.

PRO’s backtester allows users to design their own custom pair trading system and verify its historic profitability. PRO also autoloads our curated Top 30 US Equities Pairs for free. PRO then sends users trade signals by email and can also send these signals directly into Interactive Brokers for execution.

PRO covers 126 exchanges in 20 countries, including stocks, ETFs, CFDs, futures and forex/crypto.

We offer 15 days free trial to new subscribers and after payment we offer an additional 30-day money back guarantee. Customers are risk-free to use and gain confidence in PRO, resulting in a high conversion rate to paying subscribers.

We pay an industry-leading, generous commission of 20% per sale with 90 days cookie tracking period.