PairTrade Finder™ PRO trading software has been downloaded more than 6,000 times and sold over 2,000 licenses worldwide.

Created over 10 years by two highly-profitable hedge fund managers, PRO gives traders an “edge” using a proven platform to trade “long/short” a.k.a. “pair trading”, protected from market crashes and big account drawdowns.

PRO is easy-to-learn and use. PRO uses free Yahoo! delayed stock data allowing a new user to trade with no further cost. PRO also integrates with Interactive Brokers and IQFeed for real-time data and semi-automatic trading.

We offer a free Webinar, a free 3-Hour, 11-Lecture Video Training Course from a professional pair trader, and 15-day free trial to new subscribers.  After payment at the end of the 15 days, we offer an additional 30-day money back guarantee, subject to a 10% admin fee on cancellation. Customers are risk-free to use and gain confidence in PRO, resulting in a high conversion rate to paying subscribers.

PRO retails under Annual Subscription for $659/year currently. There is an upsell offered that can increase this fee to $856/year.

We pay an industry-leading, generous commission of 20% gross per sale with 90 days cookie duration. Gross percentage offered scales by number of subscriptions sold per month up to a maximum of 30%.

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