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PCKeeper Live Affiliate Program

The PCKeeper Live affiliate program grants your page traffic access to pckeeper.com, where they can obtain the one-stop software solution for keeping computers in pristine condition. Whether online or offline, this system can fix security vulnerabilities in just one click.

This program can be marketed to any computer user concerned about keeping their system virus-free.

PCKeeper Live Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Monitoring – Earn commissions on sales made at pckeeper.com
Engaging Marketing – Colorful banners touting the effectiveness of their products
Package Deal – Bundled apps include Dick Cleaner, Data Hider, Files Recovery, and more

How Can You Benefit From This?
If your site visitors wish to feel confident about their PC security, they can certainly rely upon the technical experts at pckeeperlive.com. This system allows Microsoft certified specialists to spot problems on users’ PCs and fix them, from processes as mundane as reducing boot time to removing harmful spyware and malware that can corrupt and destroy entire systems. As 24/7 live monitoring and dedicated assistance is available with select solutions, peace of mind is an affordable premium.

The Human Touch
Though PCKeeper Live implements industry-leading antivirus technology, nothing can beat human interaction to spot nuanced issues that may be missed. That is precisely how PCKeeper works; after scanning a system with the software and submitting the results, customized fixes are sent as a result.

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