The PersonaLabs affiliate program permits your site visitors access to, where they can conveniently and discreetly order laboratory tests and risk assessments. After making their lab order and visiting a LabCorp Location near them, users can view their results online in mere days.

This affiliate program is best promoted to individuals who want to keep their medical records private and seek a more accessible and affordable way to take charge of their healthcare.

PersonaLabs Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Confirmations – Earn commissions when customers complete a purchase within the online shopping cart at or
Captivating Banner Creative – Highlighting multiple situation in which the privacy of medical testing results would be ideal
Half the Battle – Patients can test for STDs, diabetes, pregnancy, heart conditions, and more

How Can This Benefit You?
If any of your audience members would feel embarrassed notifying others of their medical testing results, then the PersonaLabs affiliate program is an invaluable option for them. The process is easy, and gives users a private personal scorecard of their health issues so that can become better informed and in turn make better decisions in the future. PersonaLabs breaks down multiple barriers of the health care industry by giving patients the ability to acquire and monitor their health on their schedule and secure it as they see fit.

Convenience is Key
Further aiding in the potential effectiveness of promoting the PersonaLabs affiliate program is the reach of its services. There are LabCorp Locations all across the country where people can have their blood drawn or specimen collected.

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