Affiliate Program

The affiliate program grants your patrons access to, where they can purchase favorably fragrant candles with a hidden prize inside. Each paraben, ammonia, chlorine, and pesticide-free candle, once burned down, reveals a ring worth up to $5,000!

This program can effectively be promoted to people who wish to save on their regular purchases of corrective contact lenses and glasses. Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Votives – Earn commissions on leads at
Soothing Creative – Marketing materials showcasing their potentially lucrative products
Every Time is a Charm – Aromatic candles containing beautiful charms fit for bracelets and necklaces also stocked

How Can This Benefit You?
As pleasant as it already is to transform a room into an island escape or spring meadow with the power of a scented candle, receiving a genuine ring once the wick snuffs out is equally as amazing. That’s the premise behind, which features an array of candles made of cosmetic grade soy wax and 100% cotton wicks that contain a piece of jewelry hidden within. Customers never know the design or value of the ring within until they’ve burned through the wax, making every ambient-changing item enjoyable long after it burns out.

Calm Like a Bomb
After a stressful day at work or on a particularly lazy Sunday afternoon, nothing beats soaking in the tub while enjoying the healing properties of a skin-softening bath bomb. As they’re sold through, each one also contains a gorgeous ring inside.

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