The Rakuten Global Market affiliate program drives your site traffic to, the portal for one of Japan’s largest internet shopping malls. Selling goods from across a wide variety of verticals including fashion, electronics, and beauty products, they can easily become the only digital retailer your readers will ever need to frequent again.

This program is geared towards consumers searching for a massive curated storefront through which they can find practically any of the domestic goods they may be in the market for.

Rakuten Global Market Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Housewares – Earn commissions on sales made at
Eclectic Creative – Banners highlighting their diverse inventory
Get in the Game – Hardware, software, and accessories for multiple generations of home videogame consoles are stocked

How Can You Benefit From This?
Empowering merchants internationally, the Rakuten Global Market affiliate program is a worthwhile destination that your web visitors will instantly incorporate into their online shopping routines. Everything from designer men’s suits to pruning shears can be procured on this site, making them versatile any time of year no matter what one might be interested in buying. Jewelry, motorcycle racing mufflers, essentially anything one would expect to obtain online (as well as a few unique treasures) can all be found here.

Otaku Magnet
Should and of your page visitors be keenly interested in the foods and wares normally only available in Japan, then the Rakuten Global Market affiliate program can become the most reliable importer they’ve ever bought from. Exotic dry foods, beverages, and desserts that challenge the standard western palate merely scratch the surface of these curious delicacies.

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