The RiffTrax LLC affiliate program allows your audience members to shop, where they can buy hilarious commentaries for popular and not-so-stellar films in multiple formats. Recorded by the same team behind the hilarious award-winning series Mystery Science Theater 3000, they provide hours of entertainment and make otherwise unwatchable films an absolute joy to experience.

This affiliate program can be promoted to fun-loving cinephiles and fans of the ever-popular Mystery Science Theater 3000.

RiffTrax LLC Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Comedy – Earn commissions on sales from
Varied Banner Creative – Highlighting hundreds of films that have been made funny (whether the originals intended to be or not)
Sync and Destroy – Full-length MP3 commentaries for films released in recent years are available, with new ones being added

How Can This Benefit You?
If your site visitors want to turn the most overrated films into comedic tours-de-force, all they need to do is listen to a few of the commentaries from the RiffTrax LLC affiliate program. This team verbally tears apart both classic and modern campy films with their sarcastic banter, adding a whole new layer of entertainment to even the biggest box office flops you’d otherwise pass up. Their audio files are available in a number of formats so that people can easily laugh along with the MST3K crew.

For an even easier way to enjoy the RiffTrax LLC commentaries, your web traffic may want to download the RiffPlayer program made available through the site. Upon following a few simple instructions, viewers will be able to experience movies like they’ve never seen them before.

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