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The SandSaltSurfSun affiliate program connects your site visitors to, a merchant of activewear fit for an ocean lifestyle. Customers can challenge the tides when outfitted with clothing found at

This program could be marketed to the active members of your audience who are looking for garments designed to protect them during their seafaring adventures.

SandSaltSurfSun Affiliate Program Benefits:
Commissionable Clothing Products – Earn commission per sale at
Clothing for Everyone Under the Sun – SandSaltSurfSun supports customers of all backgrounds through their numerous payment options
• Support on the Sea – SandSaltSurfSun’s support team strives to answer every question their customers have within 24 hours

How Can You Benefit from This?
As temperatures reach higher and maritime activities grow in popularity, the issue of finding protective and stylish clothing continues to rear its head. By promoting the SandSaltSurfSun affiliate program, you’ll provide your readers with an opportunity to discover their oceanic wardrobe. SandSaltSurfSun’s clothing is created with UV protection, anti-microbial treatments, and Pure Tech wicking technology to ensure customers are comfortable and confident. This online vendor also sports numerous designs that are permanently printed onto their products to ensure long-lasting styles. Customers can let their personality part the seas with SandSaltSurfSun’s durable shirts.

Embrace the Sea and Chart the Waters
SandSaltSurfSun produces an electronic newsletter to keep its patrons well-informed while they travel expansive waters. Help protect thousands on their aquatic adventures when you promote the SandSaltSurfSun affiliate program.

Sign up with to learn more about the SandSaltSurfSun affiliate program today!

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