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The ScalarShop affiliate program connects your site visitors to scalarshop.com, a U.S. based online merchant for Scalar wave technology. Its wave infused products are designed to bring balance to the human body. Through the ScalarShop affiliate program, customers will gain access to a variety of products imprinted with beneficial frequencies to help them maximize their body’s potential, all day long.

This program could be marketed towards health-oriented individuals looking for a natural and painless way to improve their overall well-being.

ScalarShop Program Benefits:

  • Commissionable Energy Waves– Earn commission per sale at scalarshop.com
  • Enticing Banner Creatives– Large banners highlighting drug-free pain relief and 5G protection patches to encourage customers to peruse ScholarShop’s health solutions
  • Instant 24+ Hour Relief – ScalarShop’s Quantum energy products deliver all-day relief, like an acupuncture session but without the needles

How Can You Benefit From This?

According to Nikola Tesla, Scalar waves are the foundation of the universe. These waves are comprised of natural energy that surrounds the human body. Scalar waves are uniquely capable of storing and transmitting information to and from any substance. ScalarShop has infused revolutionary advances in the realm of quantum technology with ancient Eastern methods, such as acupuncture procedures, to create discs and patches that provide pain relief and internal stability. ScalarShop products emit scalar waves and frequencies interacting with its users’ blood cells via a “scalar field,” promoting cell energy and health. ScalarShop’s products help individuals achieve physical and mental wellness without using any chemicals or painful procedures. Among the benefits of using ScalarShop products, customers will increase their cellular energy, stimulate their immune function, boost their energy levels, and more.

100% Drug-Free

ScalarShop proudly offers non-transdermal products, free of chemicals and drugs, without triggering any side effects. ScalarShop beneficial discs and patches only transmit natural scalar waves into the customer’s body for a healthier and balanced life.

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